I've Got a New Crush on Custom Gowns

Last December, I started selling my skirts and dresses at Stitch It & Co in Green Hills. For those non-Nashville peeps, Stitch It is a well-known, all-inclusive alteration house, where owner Jeff Loring’s custom men’s clothing line, Loring & Co, is sold. Jeff and his team have a combined 50 years in the business, and it shows—Stitch It has a great reputation for on-point customer service. There is a constant stream of customers that lasts for the majority of the day. The line is often 3-4 deep at the cash register or at the station where clothing is pinned to be altered.

I’m thrilled that Stitch it took a liking to Sevier Skirts and Dresses and welcomed me into their lineup of custom offerings. From our initial meetings to getting my product into their store, It has been an exciting ride.

What has surprised me is how well my dresses have sold there—specifically the gowns. A handful of mothers of grooms/brides have designed their gowns for the big event through Stitch It, and it has triggered me to think a lot about this felt need.  

Watching women design gowns through Stitch It has been so inspiring. I love seeing the creativity fly as women choose on-trend or classic fabrics they feel great in. The best thing is that they are also able to choose a neckline (v neck, scoop, jewel) and even how low or high it sits on the chest, so they can be as daring or demure as they want. Offering sleeves has been wonderful too since we all know dresses with sleeves are hard to come by!  

Check out one of my favorites, designed for this mother of the bride. This Stitch It customer selected moonstone mocha in a column style dress with cuffed sleeves. She looks so chic, I can hardly stand it.

This whole gown thing is something I now can’t get out of my mind when shopping for new fabrics. I love larger scale prints in vibrant colors. I love out of the box fabrics, like those that feature embroidered pleather, in the dresses. I love running with a customer’s suggestion and seeing it come to fruition. But most of all, I love seeing her feel beautiful on her special day.  

So, who would have thought this faithful skirt girl would have a crush on the new dress in town? There’s certainly room in this skirtologist’s heart for both!

* * * 

Since launching Sevier Skirts in 2004, Suzanne Rowland has customized and sold more than 45,000 skirts. A licensed "skirtologist," Suzanne prides herself on helping women look and feel their best. Schedule a fitting or shop her collection today!