“Shake that healthy butt, baby got back”

“Shake that healthy butt, baby got back”

May 23, 2017

So you don’t really have to shake it, but you do have to wear clothing that is tailored to it. Well, you don’t HAVE to, but you look much thinner when you do!

So this “back” word...How do you know if you have back?...like what defines “back”?

In the pattern making/sewing world, a woman's got back if she has 8 inches or greater difference (or “drop”) between her waist and her hips.  This may also be termed "pear-shaped" or "hourglass."  

Off-rack options are often not kind to this shape, either looking baggy or way too tight. 

Here's an example of a non-tailored piece on a lady with some booty. 

Notice how the extra fabric creates a lot of fullness in the rear, pulling that volume even further down, making her look much larger than she is. Here, in a tailored piece, curves are celebrated, but the fullness stays right where it belongs. 

What's the good news for you curvy ladies out there?

You look really strong in pencils AND aline skirts. At Sevier, we call these "swing" skirts, and they really look awesome on you! The important thing is that they are tailored to your waist (and sometimes tapered through the legs).

This is how we do that at Sevier Skirts:

See how we gather all that extra fabric and say goodbye to it, creating clean lines and a really flattering shape? Boom! A look that works with your great shape, not against it. 

I say embrace the booty, ladies, even if it is bigger than you wish, or if it seems to grow a little bit every year. Dress it well with clothes that are tapered at the waist to show that you actually HAVE a waist. Because your waist is SMALLER than your bottom. That means, when you emphasize your waist, you appear smaller and more fit than when you try to cover it all up.

Need tops that look good on curvy women in skirts?  

On top, try waist length jackets, fitted knits like a cardigan or sweater, and tapered button downs. TUCK IN!!  And show off that butt!

Why not celebrate that back by treating it to a new skirt now and again? Just one custom skirt will change your wardrobe forever. You’ve got this skirtologist’s word.

Since launching Sevier Skirts in 2004, Suzanne Rowland has customized and sold more than 45,000 skirts. A licensed "skirtologist," Suzanne prides herself on helping women look and feel their best. Schedule a fitting or shop her collection today!    

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