Suits Are Sooo 90s

I remember my first job out of college. It was an entry level position at a business to business bank, which meant I sat in a cubicle admin work all day and never saw a client. Yet...I wore suits. Every day. My favorite was a navy pantsuit that I wore with navy flats, of course (eek). Seems ridiculous now, and it makes me cringe a little… it didn’t then.

Today, business casual is the dress code in most companies.  Business casual in 2017 isn't defined as a blue button down with khaki pants anymore (thank heavens), and expressing your personal taste through your clothing is much more widely accepted.These days, wearing a stylish dress or polished separates in a meeting doesn’t discount a woman’s professionalism, especially if it is tailored well and fits properly.

I often wonder why women tend to gravitate toward styles that make them blend in. Why wouldn’t you want to stand out in a bright and happy dress or a unique skirt? Can’t stylish clothing be something like your experience and intelligence that distinguishes you from the rest? We are slowly evolving this way as we all become more accepting of each other’s personal taste, but it’ll take a shift in our collective thinking to make it happen.

 Next time you catch yourself reaching for a safe option to avoid sticking out in the boardroom, think again. Consider going with a polished item in a pop of color, or even a bright, sunny pattern instead. Getting noticed is a good thing! I say, celebrate your brains with clothes that accentuate your beauty.

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