The Ascot Soft Collection

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The Ascot Soft Collection benefit from a soft touch finish which eliminates any roughness to the fabric.  The soft touch finish gives the cloth a softer, more luxurious handle, and offers warmth and comfort.
The woolens in this collection are ideal for the country or city and have a contemporary, more fashion oriented appeal.  These are wonderful choices for a gorgeous and unique fall and winter staple which can add vibrancy to your capsule closet.

Pant Suits are $1695, Skirt Suits are $1495, Pants are $750, Skirts are $525, Jackets are $1095.

There is a slight price difference when purchasing a suit rather than a-la-carte.  The pieces worn separately are extremely versatile and can be mixed and matched into your wardrobe.  

Our Sales Process is preferably in person.  However, if you have previously purchased a Sevier Skirt we can make an exception.  Call Suzanne at 615-504-8785 and she will guide you through how we can ensure perfect fit the "Stitch-It Way".