About Us

Hello, for those who don't know me, I am Suzanne.  I had a custom skirt business named Sevier Skirts for 15 years.  I closed my company in May 2019.  I loved so many things about my company, most was how good it made me feel to be able to make people happy with my product and/or service.  I found that the more specialized and more customized I made my product, the harder it was to find a manufacturing solution.  Closing Sevier Skirts was not an easy decision but has proven to be a blessing.

 I joined the team at Stitch-It & Co Sept 2019.  Stitch-It has been a Nashville staple for 30 years and known for their expert alterations service and their men's bespoke business.  I came on board to launch a women's Made-to Measure line that offers women fully custom pants, skirts and blazers.  I have access to fabrics that blow me away. Thousands of fabrics.  Literally...a customer can show me a picture of what they want - and we can replicate it.  The fabrics that I am showing on the site are just a small selection of what we have to offer.  We have every stripe, every plaid, every solid of every color and weight. 

 I can't wait to woo you.  Email stitchitW@gmail.com or call 615-504-8785 to schedule your fitting.

xoxo, Suzanne