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The skirt that fits, you've found it!

Image of Suzanne Sevier Rowland - severskirts.comHOW WE STARTED

We started Sevier Skirts back in 2004, right here in Nashville, Tennessee. Suzanne Sevier Rowland loved the versatility and femininity of skirts and started making them for friends and family. She quickly found that most women struggle with proper fit.
When a skirt fit comfortably in the waist, it was likely to be baggy in the hips and tush. If it fit her hips, the skirt gaped at the waist by several inches. But the worst was the bunching and twisting with a skirt that fit the waist but was too tight in the hips.


Nearly 50,000 skirts later, Suzanne has become an expert in creating beautiful skirts that fit women's individual shapes. 
Sevier Skirts are expertly crafted from gorgeous fabrics that you won’t find in department stores. Easily mix and match your skirt with the tops you already own and wear them all! Classic styling makes every Sevier Skirt a versatile and timeless wardrobe staple that can be worn year-round.