Why Shape Matters

The most flattering skirt will always be a skirt that fits your shape.

Let's just be honest for a minute here. We've all looked in the mirror and wished we could take a little from here and place it strategically there! If we could just scoop up a little (or a lot!) from our thighs and sculpt a pair to fill out our bras, or push some from our tummy down and around to finally have a tush, we'd look good. Feeling comfortable in our own skin with the shape we've been given is a struggle we all face.

At Sevier Skirts, we get it. Not all women are perfectly shaped like a Barbie doll. In fact, over the last decade of fitting hundreds of women with beautiful skirts, we've found that women are always one of these three shapes - Straight | Regular | Curvy.

We fit every woman by shape FIRST, and that's what makes Sevier Skirts different from any other skirt you'll buy.

When you wear a skirt that fits your shape, you won't be constantly adjusting, pulling, or untwisting before you walk into a room. Sevier Skirts flatter the body you have, giving you more confidence and feeling more comfortable.