Clare Brocade Custom Skirt

I LOVE the Clare.  I feel so edgy and feminine when I wear my Clare in a pencil.  I get a ridiculous amount of compliments when i wear it.  At first, I thought this skirt fabric would be hard to mix and match with...but after getting it into my closet I found it to be just the opposite.  At photoshoots, it was one of the easiest to throw tops with.  I don't really love it with the tights that I have, so I wear it with a pair of grayish taupe boots in the winter and sandals and flip flops in the summer.  If you are looking for a skirt you LOVE to wear and will feel happy all day long, this is your skirt!

Clare Jacquard looks great paired with black, navy, gray, taupe, bright blue, white, and denim.  

It is fully lined in a silky, non-static lining.

 Fabric Content: 100% Polyester. Hand wash cold, air dry. If ironing is needed, iron on a low temperature.

Skirts are $375.


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