The Nautical Collection

The Nautical Collection is a fabulous choice for a spring/summer suit that will be your favorite to wear as often separately as you will together.  This collection features navy, red, white, and blue with a cotton and elastane blend.  The fabrics are crisp and structured, yet soft against the skin.  All of the fabrics contain some type of texture which adds a little novelty touch to the traditional colors.

The Pant Skirt is $1795, Skirt Suit is $1595, Blazer is $1145, Pant is $785, Skirt is $535.

There is a slight discount when purchased as a suit.  Then you can enjoy both pieces as separates all year long.

Our Sales Process is preferably in person.  However, if you have previously purchased a Sevier Skirt we can make an exception.  Call Suzanne at 615-504-8785 and she will guide you through how we can ensure perfect fit the "Stitch-It Way". 

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